Previous Workshops and Courses

  • “Learning in Context: Strategies for Teaching Legal Writing to International Students ” 8th Global Legal Skills Conference, Costa Rica, 2013
  • “Integrating Legal Writing in the Substantive Curriculum: The Australian Experience” for the 12th Annual Rocky Mountain Legal Writing Conference, Boulder, Colorado, 2013
  • “Mapping Competencies in the Law School Curriculum”, for NALP Annual Education Conference, Austin, Texas, 2012
  • “Summer Student Program: Ethics and Professionalism” for a Toronto law firm, June, 2011
  • “‘Self-paced learning’ and ‘Facilitated Learning’: two learner-centred approaches for teaching Ethics and Professionalism” for the Workshop on Adult Education and Teaching Ethics and Professionalism, March, 2011
  • “Preparing for Career Success: The Possibilities (and Potential Perils) of Your First Law Job” for Queen’s University Faculty of Law, February, 2011
  • “Competencies, Law Offices and Law Schools: The Many Goals of Teaching” for NALP Canadian Section Annual Winter Meeting, November, 2010
  • “Ethics and Professionalism: A Discussion on Methods and Models with a Focus on Experiential Learning”, September, 2010, Windsor Law School
  • Ethical Lawyering in a Global Community”, First Year Law, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, 2010-2011 Academic Year
  • “Professionalism in your First Office Job” for the Law in Action in Schools Program, University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Summer, 2010
  • “Teaching Ethics and Professionalism Pervasively: Experiential Education and Opportunities in the Career Development”, Summer, 2010, Canadian Legal Career Development Network Annual Meeting
  • “Professional Responsibility” for the Internationally Trained Lawyers Programme, University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, Summer, 2010
  • “Ethics and Professionalism” for the Pro Bono Students of Canada program, University of Toronto Faculty of Law, National Conference, May, 2010
  • “Lessons from a Teaching Clinic: Learning Objectives in the Career Services Office”, 2008, NALP Annual Education Conference, Toronto
  • “Teaching in a Teaching Clinic”, Spring, 2006, Osgoode Hall Law School, Clinical Education Committee

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