Further introductions

I would like to introduce you to friends and colleagues for whom I have great respect and admiration, and who provide services that you might find helpful:

Anne Carbert is a career counsellor and coach, who helps people clarify what’s most important in their lives and see the possibilities for more satisfying work.  She sees all kinds of people in career transition, particularly people on self-directed or “unconventional” career paths, and emphasizes meaning, creativity and overall quality of life as she assist clients with a holistic career-life planning process. For more, click here.

Ron Franklin is a lawyer at Franklin Law who is “committed to working with and if need be, fighting alongside workers – only workers – wherever and whenever their rights have been or stand to be violated.”  Areas of practice include: employment law; human rights law; workers compensation; labour law, occupational health and safety; and civil litigation.  Go to: http://www.franklinlaw.ca/

Lianne Krakauer uses a Solutions-Focused approach, collaborating with individuals and groups to identify their unique strengths, to build capacity for positive change, and to achieve practical and sustainable outcomes.  Her services include: career coaching and transition counselling; organization and leadership development; and training and facilitation.  Go to http://krakauer.ca/