Conferences: Institute for Law Teaching and Learning

The Institute for Law Teaching and Learning has just announced the conferences planned for spring 2012.  I went to their conference this past June in New York and had an amazing time so I highly recommend the experience (my notes are posted under Teaching/Experiential Education).  The organizers put so much thought and care into planning sessions, and they mentioned the value of the retreat (Spokane Washington, Second Day – information below) so think about it.

More details will be posted on their website.  For now, here is the official announcement:

Institute for Law Teaching and Learning 2011-2012 Conferences

The ILTL will sponsor several conferences during the next year.   Look for more details about these conferences early this fall.

Technology in and Beyond the Classroom:  How to Use  Technology to Leverage Learning.

ILTL is co-sponsoring this one-day conference with North  Carolina Central University.  The conference will take place in Durham, North  Carolina on March 3, 2012.  This conference will focus on using technology to enhance teaching and learning in and out of the classroom.  Conference presenters and participants will explore how advanced use of technology can:

  • Enhance student learning in the traditional law school classroom,
  • Maximize distance learning opportunities consistent with ABA rules, and
  • Expand the ability of clinical and pro bono programs to deliver legal services.

Value of Variety and Reflecting on Our Teaching

These conferences are one-day each and will take place at Gonzaga University in Spokane,
Washington on June 25 and 26.  Participants can attend either or both.

Value of Variety will explore the benefits of variety in all aspects of teaching and learning, including variety in terms of learning objectives, materials, teaching methods, and assessment.  This conference will feature plenary and concurrent workshops related to the conference theme.  A call for workshop proposals will appear in the Fall 2011
issue of The Law Teacher.

Reflecting on Our Teaching, a one day teaching retreat, will offer participants an opportunity to step back and reflect on their lives as teachers.   How does who we are affect how we teach, and how does teaching affect who we are?  What does it mean to lead a professional life as a teacher of law?  What aspects of ourselves are the most supported and engaged by the work we do?  This conference will be held at Gonzaga’s Bozarth Retreat Center, a historic building located in the pines above the Little Spokane

The home page for the Institute for Law Teaching and Learning is linked on the right of this page under Teaching, and the link to the Conferences page is HERE.

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