NIFTEP: Spring Workshop Update

I returned from one of the NIFTEP workshops this past Sunday, and am still bemused and amazed by the wonderful experience.  I am already working on new projects, inspired and supported by an extraordinary group of practioners and academics who all love to talk about ethics and professionalism, and how to teach in the area.   What could be more fun?!

A sincere thanks to Clark Cunningham, Charlotte Alexander and Tiffany Roberts for organizing, and to all the participants who made the two day workshop such an exhilarating experience.

The workshop is a fantastic opportunity for anyone teaching ethics and professionalism, so for those of you not already familiar with NIFTEP click HERE for more details on the workshops and other projects.

I would also like to point you all in the direction of the recently established website for a NIFTEP project: the International Forum on Teaching Legal Ethics and Professionalism.  Click HERE.  You will find all sorts of related articles and teaching resources (including materials from the latest workshop) – feel free to add your own!

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