Articles: Experiential education and preparation for practice

Thanks to members of the lawclinic listserv for pointing out the two pieces mentioned in this post.

NALP has published the results from a survey on experiential learning. From the website:

2010 Survey of Law School Experiential Learning (NALP and the NALP Foundation, 2011)

This report, based on a survey conducted by the NALP Foundation and NALP in collaboration with the NALP Lawyer Professional Development and Law Student Professional Development Sections examines the extent to which law school skills courses, clinics, externships, field placements, and other experiential learning opportunities were rated as useful by by practicing lawyers.

 And for a link to the PDF, click HERE

Note: 1) this is a USA study, and 2) the respondents were primarily from private practice firms, in large metropolitan centres, without the representative diversity one might hope.  That said, there are some useful findings in the report, including the varying participation rates, and a sense of which experiential learning opportunities were considered useful (legal clinics, externships, simulations and pro bono – in that order).  Unfortunately, the survey did not ask specific questions that would get at why the experiences were “useful”.

For a much more thorough analysis of the survey, visit Steven Ellman’s blog HERE.

Related: Rebecca Sandefur and Jeff Selbin wrote an interesting article drawing from the NALP “After the JD” survey to examine the influence of clinical education on the skills and civic engagement of new lawyers. 

Rebecca Sandefur and Jeffrey Selbin, “The Clinic Effect” (2009) 16 Clinical Law Review 57.

To download their article from SSRN, click HERE.

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  1. Paul Maharg says:

    Chantal — thanks for posting the Survey of Law School Experiential Learning — very helpful.


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