Article: “Professional Skills and Values in Legal Education”

I just finished an inspiring article by Stephen Gerst and Gerald Hess titled “Professional Skills and Values in Legal Education: The GPS Model” in (2009) 43 Valparaiso University Law Review 513.  The article describes the development and delivery of the General Practice Skills course at Phoenix School of Law.  It is a six-credit, required, simulation-based course that gives students an opportunity to learn substantive law, practice skills and confront ethical/professional issues over time.

The article is one of those rare gems where the authors provide explicit descriptions of the modules (learning objectives and content), strategies for setting up the course, and lessons learned after two years of implementation. 

I highly recommend it for anyone interested in experiential education and, in particular, those without the resources for establishing a full-time clinic. 

You can find the article on the SSRN website, by clicking HERE.

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